We want to welcome you all to WKD Wednesday! We have been around for 8/9 years as WKD and alot longer under other names. We stand quite proud that we know alot of very talented DJ’s MC’s and Producers within our circles and we are all here because of one thing, a strong love and passion for music. Regardless of genre we cover most, from style people love to more twisted styles people have never really heard. There is no money here no ego’s just a genuine passion for music and for people. So feel free to head over to our download section that we have built a library of many years of WKD Wednesday streams, drop us some comments in the chat box, or tune into our live broadcasts and chuck your shout out requests in the chat rooms for our MCs to give you a shout. But most of all just enjoy your time here just as much as we have building and maintaining it for everyone to use for free. Much Love, WKD Wednesday